Training Sessions:

As restrictions are lifting post-COVID, real life training sessions are beginning to resume. We are still doing our virtual cycle-training sessions on Zwift, our club Strava community is stronger than ever and we have an active group chat to keep all members up to date and in contact.

Running - Every Tuesday at 5pm at the Leeds Road running track there is a coached session for an hour.  Free to KAL members.

Swimming - the KAL pools are now back open, but the coaching is not available yet at KAL sites.  We do however have some one-off coaching sessions at Salendine Nook School, 19th and 26th May, 7-8pm and 8-9pm.  £3.00 per person.  .

Cycling - we have a couple of Saturday morning cycling / transition coaching sessions booked at Brooksbank cycle track (Elland). Information and booking through the club.